March 19, 2004 0

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well, i didn’t end up going out last night. the boy didn’t want to, so we stayed in. bastard. i didn’t go out for mardi gras, either. god, what is wrong with me? free shit galore & a reason to get retarded drunk, yet i stay in watching tv. i’ll have to redeem myself come new year’s. & there’s always next year. & like, the next 60+ or so years. yeah. um. big snow storm part 2 coming tomorrow, which kinda sucks, but as long as it doesn’t affect my weekend, no worries. i’m not going to work tomorrow because of the snow storm, therefore i would go out tonight being that i don’t have to work tomorrow, but i can’t go out because of the snow. that’s just how it goes sometimes. yeah, so i don’t really have anything all that interesting to say. i’ve just been all peppy with the blogging lately…weird.

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