March 17, 2004 0

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i would make a terrible bulimic.

so i swallowed my tongue ring ball AGAIN & in my irrational state, i decided i was going to have to make myself throw up to get it back, since i really don’t want to buy another one. well, i used the toothbrush & horrible tasting alcohol, but i just couldn’t get sick. & my throat really hurt. so i started to get upset being that i’m pmsing like a motherfucker. & i started crying when i couldn’t find my old 14 gauge that i got pierced in. i finally find it & that ball is gone, too. fucking hell. so now i’m in a shitty mood. but while i went out to smoke one of my newport 100s that i found in a cab in philly to calm down, i realized i know people who know the guy who owns a piercing & tattoo parlor. so i can probably get a new one from him. so i’m not as worked up any more. i was all stressed that i’d have to order one online, since they’re a lot cheaper, & then have to figure out what i’d do while i was waiting for it to come so the hole didn’t close up. but seriously, this was bad timing for this to happen because i’m just not in the mood. but whatever, maybe i can get this taken care of tomorrow & be all better. but either way, it’s st. patrick’s day, so i’ll just get really bombed & i know all the free shit i’ll get will make me feel better.

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