March 16, 2004 0

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megatouch does anyone know if i can play megatouch photo hunt online anywhere? i know i can’t touch the screen, but if i could play naked lady photo hunt on my computer i will gladly give up any social life i have to sit at home all day & all night playing. well, except when i go out & play it for real at the bars. seriously, if it’s out there & anyone knows how i can get it, i will just freaking die. words can’t express how much it would mean to me.

god, i’m in such a shitty pms-driven mood. i’ve broken out, i am extremely pissed off at everything, & the fact that there’s going to be a huge snow storm coming when i have tons of shit to do is not making me any happier. & i have to fucking shovel, too. god dammit, i hate the world right now. if i wasn’t so smart, i’d punch a wall to release some tension…but alas, i know that would really hurt. some photo hunt would totally make everything all better…

& speaking of things that are pissing me off, i wish cuteftp wouldn’t be so queer so i could fix my guestbook. i need to chmod that bad boy & ws_ftp doesn’t seem to do that to my guestbook’s liking…or does it? fill me in, guys. your help might cause an extreme mood swing to a happier state of being.

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