March 11, 2004 0

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yesterday i took on yet another volunteer project. i’m going to help out at c-net the non-profit local access channel here. i’ll be doing much of the same type of things as the at the historical society, but i’ll get to do things at home on my computer which is nice. so i met with the chick yesterday & i left feeling all pumped cuz i’m really excited about this. funny…i wont get a job, but i jump all over the chance at volunteering. fuck it, everything i volunteer for is a hell of a lot more enjoyable than any job i have a shot at getting right now. & i’m thinking of the experience it will get me. they scoff at me, but when this shit helps me out later in life, i will have the last laugh.

err, yeah… & not only that, i’m on top of my shit around the house, too. i’m finding myself being productive & actually doing the little things i’ve been wanting to do for the past couple of months. you know, the things you end up doing only when you have a huge assignment or paper due the next day. the things you do to procrastinate. except i’m not procrastinating with anything really. hey, it’s cool. although the one thing i should be doing that i’m not yet is my taxes. i guess that’s what i’m procrastinating doing, but i still got a month, so whatever. i guess that’s all that’s new with me, really. well, that i’ll fill you in on, ha!

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