March 5, 2004 0

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so yesterday i had to get up early to go hang with the old folks at the historical society. i woke up tired, hungover, & not in the mood to deal with that, but my morning quickly turned around when i got an email from ace saying she was coming to america!! yayayayyayayyyyaaayyayay!!!!!!!!! yeah, so sometime in april we’ll kick it, this time on my turf. ahh, so that made my day with the old people that much more tolerable. we were going to this school most appropriately called the boogersburg school, & we had to carpool to get there. this kooky old couple invited me to come with them, so i agreed, cuz i’m just good spirited like that. as i look at their car, i see something so wrong & vile & not cool. like, seriously. not cool. cape cod nude beach parking permit. oh dear god they were like, 70! & the lady was really out there, & lucky for me, loved to talk! oh boy!

& here’s another wacky story from tuesday. i went to go get my haircut & i parked in a metered lot. now, this should tell you how often i actually put money in the meters, i put my quarter in & it doesn’t go all the way in. i think it’s stuck & so i stick my key in the slot to try to push it in & it’s not going in. i’m getting pissed cuz i don’t want to lose my quarter & have to move to another spot to avoid a ticket. i’m jamming my key in & looking around, frustrated, when i see that there’s a knob you turn. i turn it & in goes my quarter. & i only got 15 minutes, those cheap sons of bitches. yeah, so it was funny. i guess i’m all used to those high tech meters that just take the money without all that extra knob turning. yeah.

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