February 25, 2004 0

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it’s mardi gras, & i’m not out. i love free shit, & tonight is the night to get mad free shit…albeit with the whole “show us your tits” followed by the obligatory middle finger. but still, i managed to get some beads last year, working the non-breast baring route. i even got a cool bacardi gras cup that i smuggled out of the bar. but i just wasn’t feeling the whole going out thing tonight. i had a meeting until 9, followed by scrubs. i also have to be up early to give a school tour at the historical society tomorrow. so i must suck it up & think of the money i saved, & think of how much better i’ll feel tomorrow morning. but instead i sit at home feeling like a loser, reading everyone’s away messages about how it’s fat tuesday & they’re out partying. oh well, there’s always next year.

they’re trying to pass a bill here in pennsylvania that restricts gay rights, & it makes me sad. it really pisses me off that people are denied adoption rights & spousal benefits like health insurance because they just happen to be gay. & don’t even get me started on this “sanctity of marriage” & religious funding that dubya’s trying to get rolling. dear god, please don’t let that man get reelected. it’s not even about whether or not you think homosexuality is wrong…cuz i mean, i think ugly people breeding is wrong, but the constitution says we are all created equal…even ugly & gay people. if gay people can’t get a civil union, i propose that ugly straight people can’t get married. see, it’s fucking absurd. man, this topic gets me heated.

this whole ban on human rights, i.e. allowing gay people to have the same rights as us oh so good & moral heterosexuals & the push for religious funding really depresses me. i am not gay, so this does not affect me in any way, but i am far more moral than the people who ironically claim to be moral, all the while oppressing people who are different. & the sad thing about it is that i can see this ban on gay rights going through. i guess i have some hope, though. people at one time felt the same way about homosexual’s rights as they did about women’s rights & black people’s rights. so eat it, fuckers! someone somewhere someday will have to give those faggots their legal rights. & that day i will be happy.

god, i feel another volunteer endeavor coming up…

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