February 23, 2004 0

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well i’ve just had no motivation to update. in fact, this whole week was pretty much a washout. at least the end of the week. i decided to be a real stoner, & in turn realized that i wasted a lot of time doing nothing…including watching a really really horrible lifetime movie. then to top off my blah weekend, i go & get my period, spending my lazy sunday doubled over in pain with killer cramps from outer space. but i did manage to make it out to thon this year. i think this is the first time i’ve gone when i haven’t been tripping, & the first time i’ve seen the end. it’s amazing how energetic & non-zombie like these people were, after being awake & on their feet for 48 hours. i’m really bummed i didn’t volunteer to help out with thon, but i am definitely definitely doing it next year. but yeah, good job to the dancers, i know there’s no way i could make it.


let me tell you how much of a fan i am of colgate total. that product really lives up to it’s claim. i can’t always brush my teeth before bed, so i will brush my teeth at say, 8 pm, go out drinking, & go to sleep & manage to wake up with minimal morning breath. i highly recommend it. i’m sure it’s even better when you brush at night!

& a little after the fact, but if you want to see some funny clips of the super bowl streaker who got upstaged by janet jackson’s nipple, look no further.

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