February 16, 2004 0

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you know, it kinda makes me sad to realize that the high point of my day was when i sorted through the state quarters to put them in a coin collection book & rolled the rest with my dad. ok, maybe that wasn’t the “high point” but i did that today & that’s about all i can really say i did, & i just want to take a step back & look at what i’ve become. haha. i’m just going through a slow period i guess. this butt ass cold weather makes me want to lie around & do nothing. i mean, i do that every sunday, but there’s just something about winter that turns you into a worthless piece of shit. hurry up, spring! & i mean it, this time. none of that bullshit weather of last year.

& i don’t know about you, but this atkins mania shit i really pissing me off. it’s everywhere you look & it bothers the crap out of me since my diet is the anti-atkins, & i hate being bombarded by this crap. i went out to dinner tonight, & my meal had low carb mashed cauliflower. i was like, are you kidding me? i asked the waitress if i could have the high carb mashed potatoes. i would die without mashed potatoes. all you high protein/low carb freaks need to take your clogged arteries & go away. at this rate, they’re not even going to have high carb meals at restaurants anymore…grr…

ok, girls…sex & the city! what do you think about where this is heading? my mom will have some nasty words with hbo if they put her with big. i’m kinda wishy washy…while i secretly want them to be together because he’s just so good, he’s just so bad & she shouldn’t be with him! he was a shithead guy & yanked her around for years…every girl can totally relate cuz we all have our mr. big. so can they make big in sex & the city turn around & fall in love with carrie & live happily ever after? that’s not reality, folks. this show is like us girls’ bible! thoughts on what’s gonna happen!! we have only 1 week left 🙁

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