February 13, 2004 0

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you’d think i’d be able to do something as simple as unlocking a door & turning off the alarm, but if you think that, you are wrong! i had to open up the historical society for a meeting tonight & when i was disabling the alarm, i hit the command button by mistake. i didn’t really know what to do & i sure didn’t want the alarm to go off, so i typed in my code, it seemed ok, & i let all the old folks inside. not too long after, a cop comes through the door, & i’m like, oh fuck. cops scare the crap out of me, even if i’m doing nothing wrong, & i’m all like, “i don’t know what i did!!! i’m sorry!!!” apparently, after hitting the command key, any # you press after it has a special function to it. the first # of my code happened to be the “call the police” button. so he makes me turn the alarm back on so that i can turn it off…i guess to see if i really had access, but then it went off since there was movement in the mansion & it wouldn’t shut off! it sucked ass. i was like, thanks, buddy. so i had to call the president so i could reset the alarm. thank god she was home, i would have freaked if she hadn’t been. so i felt like an asshole. luckily it worked out, but man, i am an idiot.

thank god it’s the weekend…& an interesting one at that! tomorrow is friday the 13th; i always love friday the 13th. i hope some scary shit goes on…i like getting spooked. & then it’s the dreaded v-day. but for the first time ever i scored myself a valentine! a real one, too! i used to hate that day…i’d see those happy lovey dovey couples walking around with their flowers & candy & just want to punch them. me, bitter? nah! so yeah, i’m excited!

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