February 11, 2004 0

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wow, i was so productive these past 2 days that i even surprised myself. i took care of some business monday & today i worked at the id office randomly out of the blue. i also had a meeting with the state theatre committee. i’ve been looking to get involved with them for awhile now, & they were playing the ultimate game of hard to get. but i was on a mission & i finally got ahold of those tricky bastards & met with some people & got on the list serve. so hopefully i’ll get to dive in with that. now all i need is a real job & everything would just be hunky dory.

well, here’s some eerie things from yesterday. when i was at the historical society, the site administrator asked me what program one of the other volunteers was using to update the webpage. i told her dream weaver, & gary wright’s dream weaver just happened to be playing on the radio. & it was low enough that it wasn’t like she heard it & the subliminal seed was planted. & if that weren’t enough, later on that day i loaded up spinal tap’s big bottom in winamp (it’s like this inside joke thing with my mom about my cat bunny, which ultimately led to me downloading the ringtone) & literally 1 second after i hit play, the person with that ringtone called. fucking spooky man, i tell ya. when i had my phone interview for the chicago job a way’s back, fleetwood mac’s rhiannon started playing on the radio & that’s when the lady called me. i was figuring that was a sign that i’d get the job. right. & speaking of not getting jobs, i got a record 2 rejection letters yesterday! one was the ever classy postcard that didn’t even give me a “dear applicant.” the other letter informed me that the resource librarian position was already offered to someone else. thing is, i didn’t apply for resource librarian. it was for administrative assistant, i believe. maybe i should write back & ask them which position has been filled. haha. yeah.

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