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i believe a lot of lawsuits are complete bullshit stemmed out of people’s greediness, but i am glad at the tenacity of the girl who helped get this lawsuit rolling. it’s good when people are called out on being shitty & are punished for their actions. these people were pocketing renters’ security deposits & this really irritates me, since i have first hand experience being ripped off with a security deposit. i was somewhat involved with these horrible realtors, & it might have been for the better that i didn’t get my apartment. i was subletting & they told me i pretty much had the apartment for that year. i called & called & called at the end of the summer to make sure that everything was set to go & they never returned my phone calls. finally i went in to their office & they told me i wasn’t getting the apartment. i was lucky my parents are here, because i would have been shit out of luck with the living situation. i was not pleased. my dad thought the apartment was a shithole, but i thought it had character. most of the apartments in that area are pretty shoddy & occupied by hippie-types, but it was better than the last apartment i had, that was occupied by old folks & retarded people.

my first apartment

but, i really do have to say how pleased i was with associated realty who was by far the most responsible & professional realtor i’ve dealt with. well, except for the whole not telling me i would have saved a ton of money finding someone on my own to take over my lease deal, but i’ll let that slide. i would highly recommend them if you are in the state college area.

anyone have any horrid renting or roommate stories? i know i have made my disdain of past roommates & renting situation very obvious many a times over the years. i can only hope it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

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