February 4, 2004 0

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right about now i really really miss not living in my apartment downtown. i wouldn’t be housebound & i wouldn’t have had to shovel a fucking foot of snow from my driveway & walkway. luckily my dad came home not too long after i started, so i didn’t have to do the whole thing. i brought out the radio & stuck an umbrella over it to cover it, so i got to listen to the bus at least. i swear to god we are getting a snow blower this year…no more putting it off, this is bullshit. the neighbor had one, but only made his way over after most of it had already been shoveled. but any help is better than nothing. so after that crapload of snow dumped on us, i made hawaiian chicken. grill up some lawry’s hawaiian marinated chicken & a can of dole tropical fruit & you’re in for a bangin’ meal.

now, there are so many many things i despise about snow. i don’t ski & i’m not in high school anymore. & driving is the worst. but when it’s actually possible to drive without being all over the road, i have yet another problem. i hate that brownish slushy snow shit that gets on your windshield when you’re driving. it’s not liquid enough to wipe off with the wipers, so it just smears & impairs your vision. but you can’t squirt windshield wiping fluid because it freezes. so you’re just stuck with dirty snow smeared all over your windshield. god, i really wish i was still downtown & could just forget about driving & walk.

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