February 1, 2004 0

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carolina panthers well, i’ll be watching the super bowl at my parent’s house. i know, i’m a real party animal. again, i’m only in it for the commercials…to be let down again, just like last year & the year before. but yeah, i gotta pick a team to win, so i want the carolina panthers to win. & the only reason is because they won me over with their cancer sob story. they can win it for their fallen soldiers or some crap. but i wont care if the patriots win cuz they’re all right too. i don’t really care about football, & i don’t have a team. if i were to pick a team, i’d have to say philly due to the geographical location & the fact that philly fans are crazy insane. had they made it to the super bowl, i’d have gone out to the sports cafe, solely for the insanity. but alas, they lost last week. & this should give you a clue as to how cold & evil a person i am. there was that part of me that loved how depressed everyone was when they lost.

well, one hour to go…are you ready for some football????????????

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