January 30, 2004 0

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you know, i do some pretty stupid things. & i lack any sort of common sense & rationality. but sometimes i will just do something so great & clever. take today for instance. the piece of shit user-unfriendly macs at the historical society were acting up again. i can’t print things out on the good printer, & the laser printer refuses to print without smudging ink all down the middle of the paper, even when you clean it & replace the ink cartridges. so we had to get these meeting notifications out today & my only option was to print from the laser printer. i could have mailed out the smudged letters, but no, my dear…i don’t lie when i say i’m detail oriented & hard working. i can’t put out crap in the name of my organization, so i got the brilliant idea to take white-out & cover up the ink smudges all over the paper. we had to photocopy them anyway, so it was perfect. the copies looked great, & i patted myself on the back for going above & beyond my call of duty as a volunteer. god i am good.

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