January 29, 2004 0

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snappys well we’ve really come around full circle at snappy’s. i swear once i started wearing my pimp coat they all flocked to me & wanted to be my friend. especially the one older lady there who loves talking to me. friday she asked me if i was single & when i hesitantly replied yes, she told me that one of the snappys boys liked me & that i should come in saturday night. what wass he gonna do…ask me out on a date? i’ve decided i don’t like when people try to set me up with someone, because what certain people categorize as “cute” is more often than not really really frightening. & especially older people…they figure that if you’re both single & the same age, then it’s good to go. hey, i have high standards. yeah, well, i’m not into dating a snappy’s worker. he’s seen me, therefore i must have seen him, & no one there has made me think twice. & now i’m a bit nervous that this could potentially work its way into being awkward. i don’t want some lady harassing me, & i don’t want some creepy worker hitting on me. i had to deal with that from the ex-convict looking dude from uni-mart. there’s just something about being a regular at a convenience store. i haven’t been to snappys since friday, so maybe they’ll think i was scared off & wont bring up the subject again, & we can all live in happy snappy land. so lets hope i don’t get propositioned at snappy’s, because i think that would suck. although it would make for quite the excellent post, i’m sure. & if we have a falling out, i will take my snappy’s mug back to uni-mart to start yet another convenience store coffee cycle.

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