January 26, 2004 0

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i have decided that my white rapper name is going to be ice cream. on top of a successful rap career, i will have many film & television opportunities with law & order & a plethora of movies. ice cube, ice-t & even vanilla ice are proof! ice = my key to success. i’m surprised there aren’t more record label bigwigs surfing around online for hip new talent in the camgirl scene. i think i have more than proven myself to be a hot & successful commodity. i’ve even done the research!

but back in the oh-so-fucking-frustrating land of real job opportunities, i’ve finally dragged myself out of my slump & applied for a few more jobs. & i discovered i had the wrong gpa on my résumé! i was selling myself short. i also had a mistake on my cover letter for the job i got the phone interview for, too. & i boast about my attention to detail skills! i am a sham. but if i can ruin the moment now, i’d like to say how frustrated i am with things right now. not just the job situation. the everything situation. scary thing is i’m actually trying & things still aren’t working. it’s one thing to sit on your ass doing nothing & getting nowhere…but when you actually give a shit & are putting some effort in & nothing’s changing, well, it’s frustrating. i am frustrated! one cup of super motivation with some good karma on the side, please.

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