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so we went to new york city for an apartment warming party with the phi who alumni & you have to know these guys to understand the interesting times that were in store. we finally get there after our traveling mishaps to find the boys had already started drinking, which included many shots of jaeger. first we went to this cuban place where we were coerced into buying, & ultimately forced to drink a horrible horrible drink. we then go to another bar where we hang out, drink some more & play a little pool. after awhile we leave & head somewhere else, where we booze it up some more, until a little after 3 am. now, since we had such a large group, the smart people (surprisingly, that includes me) get in the cab with the people who’s place we’re all staying at. others take the cab that leads to the strip club, which i was sad i was not a part of. our buddy storm offered to pay emily’s cover charge & also buy her a lap dance, until they found out it was $25 to get in, & already 3:30 in the morning. so almost everyone eventually ends up back at home base, where this one dude is already puking like a champ in the bathroom. some people ended up getting locked out, left to beat on the door half the night.

unfortunately, sleep was something we all could have used a little more of that weekend. why boys feel the need to wake up early & yell & be loud is beyond me. i was drifting in & out of sleep, but emily & katie picked up choice conversation bits from the boys. they had been watching playmate of the apes & by the comments made, i have to say i really wanna watch this porn. other topics included balls (& not the sports kind), & the question of whether any of us 3 girls would have casual sex. ultimately, had i stuck with sociology, i could have written a fascinating thesis on the social interactions of frat boy alum.

so the boys decided to go out for wings & pitchers at around 2 in the afternoon, while us smart girls cleaned & set up for the party. we also wanted to eat, but had extreme food ordering difficulties. some of the boys get back around 7 & start passing out on the couch, hours before the party even starts. but eventually people start showing up & it’s good times…even though you hear the eagles chant like, every 20 minutes. my cousin & his girlfriend happened to be nearby, so they stopped in for a bit. there was also an office skank there, which provided most of the party entertainment. this old chick in a red sweater who worked with one of the roommates was on a mission to get some dick. she threw herself at every guy & emily decided to mention that a little loudly when the girl went to lie down on a bed with 2 passed out guys on it. she then calls her on it & starts bitching about how she heard her blah blah blah & had i not been in the bathroom, missing the whole thing, i woulda started more shit with her. i was so mad i missed it! i was in a trouble making mood (honestly, i’m really non-confrontational!).

there were about 20 people crashing at the apartment after the party. i had a bed, but emily & katie had to share a futon with 2 other boys & a living room filled with a ton of snoring boys. they would get up at night & smack them to get them quiet…even strangers!

finally sunday morning rolls around. & those shitheads are up early again, thanks to passing out early from starting to drink at 2 pm the day before. since the guys we were staying with lived literally right across the street from the real soup nazi of seinfeld fame, we go to get some soup. too bad he wasn’t open, but had he, it would have been no soup for us! i decided to go off & get coffee instead, & as i’m crossing the street, a bag lady goes “putana!” as she passes me. being called a whore by a bag lady was my most fond memory of the trip, does that make me weird?!

so that was my trip. wow, that was long, & that’s not even all! anyway, pictures are fun, so here they are. there are also some nicer digital camera pictures from my buddy sean here.

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