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wow. my trip to nyc was seriously off the hook. i cannot even begin to explain it. but i will try, as cracked out & tried as i am…

so, our game plan was to drive up to scarsdale, a suburb about a half hour north of the city so that we could drop off the car at my relatives’ place (free parking!) & take the train for $6 into grand central. well, we got a little lost in scarsdale, but no biggie…we still made it in decent time & we were ready to start off the weekend! we started it off by going the wrong way on the metro north & having to get off at the end of the line. we’re just like, fuck. the train guy didn’t say anything to us about the fact that we were going to white plains when our tickets said grand central & of course we didn’t get a receipt, so there went the hope of explaining the situation to the train guy on the train going the right way, & not having to buy another ticket. so that sucked. luckily, we didn’t have to wait long, as a train was coming heading into nyc. it was at that point that i realized all you have to do is look up at the sign above the steps to know which direction you’re heading. i had never even thought to look.

so since the train was there, we didn’t have time to buy our tickets out of the machine. we had to pay cash on the train & pay $9. so that was $9 pissed on. ironically, we had missed the train we had originally planned on taking, so the train we got on was the train we would have taken anyway, had we not been idiots. so at least no time was lost.

so we’re finally at grand central, & we have to take some subways to get to where we’re going. we got the first one right, but as you can probably guess, we went the wrong way again. we were like, ok, the N…this is good. of course, telling people who aren’t familiar with new york to go downtown does no good when faced with the N train going to astoria. like i’m supposed to know that astoria is in the wrong direction! so we figure out something’s wrong & get off in queens. for the love of god, just getting there was proving to be a challenge. interestingly enough we still beat the philly boys, but we totally tacked on an unnecessary hour to our trip.

[all right, i’m saving the actual events of the weekend (with pictures!) for my next post]

now, lets fast forward to today’s trip back home. so we hang around until about noon or so & decide it’s time to hit the road since there’s a kind of a slushy mix weather thing going on, & my friend didn’t like the idea of driving in snow. so you better believe we made sure to go the right way on all of our trains, & all was well. until i called my aunt to let her know we were coming to get the car. no answer. & then we get to scarsdale. & it’s a full on blizzard that came out of nowhere. & we were now faced with a dilemma. my relatives aren’t home…now what the fuck do we do?? so i convince them that we should walk to the house, because it’s close & i walked once before with my cousin. this was also not in 5 inches of snow. so god only knows how long we walked for, but it’s kinda uphill & we were carrying bags. we make it to the house & we realize that there’s a firebird blocking us in. & the house is locked.

this is turning into the most ridiculous trip into hell, as the weather is not letting up & pretty untraceable, on top of this. so i call my cousin & i’m like, um, we’re at your house, & it’s snowing & your parents aren’t home, & we’re blocked in, & it’s locked. so he told me to go to the neighbors to get the key. of course, these people are like wtf is this chick in a cheetah print coat doing? i’m like begging, pleading that i am in fact related & allowed to go in the house, even offering to show i.d.

so we get the key & are just chilling inside, glad to be warm. now, we could have easily just stayed in scarsdale for the night, but my friend really had to be back for an 8 am class. so we decided to wait it out. it finally stopped snowing around 4 (6 inches of “light snow” … light snow my ass) & we waited a few hours for the roads to be plowed. & so we left at 6. & made it home by 10:30. soon as we hit jersey there was like, no snow & a only faint mist on the roads. the shit was unbelievable because it just came out of nowhere & i swear was only in southern west chester county.

yeah, so that was just the traveling part of the trip…

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