January 16, 2004 0

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baggy long underwear well, i didn’t get another interview for the job. that’s the way the cookie crumbles, i guess. i’m not even that bummed out, surprisingly…maybe for the fact i never thought i had a real chance anyway. besides, there’s a few things i want to do here. but that wont deter me from moving to chicago! i got all of 2004 to get there…

now, i should let you know that i hate cold & i hate wind. yet despite these facts, & the fact that i’ve never even been there, i still want to move to chicago! but i figure there will be ways to make those winter months less unbearable. i want low-rise long underwear! normal long underwear is baggy crotched, up to my armpits & just doesn’t fit under low, tight jeans. but why is it so hard to find low-rise long underwear?? i only found 1 pair on this ski clothing website, & it was insanely expensive. are there not people in alaska & canada who live in arctic temperatures who like to keep warm while also wearing tight fitting jeans? where is the low-rise long underwear?? more importantly, where is the inexpensive low-rise long underwear? i don’t think i ask unreasonable things. they make low-rise pantyhose, someone’s obviously on the right track. so, this is where i ask for your help, dear readers, in finding them.

well, i’m off to new york city for the weekend.

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