January 13, 2004 0

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argh, i dunno how i did on my interview. it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. so now’s that wonderful waiting time, where i drive myself insane with “what ifs” & think about all the answers i should have given. this real life stuff blows. why couldn’t my dad be aaron spelling or someone? then i could be filthy rich & star in popular tv shows & bad movies of the week, even if i had disproportioned facial features & no talent. job searching sucks, interviewing is nerve racking, & rejection is crushing. i’d rather just be handed something sweet.

anyway, i got my coat back from the tailor today. the cuffs are a bit bigger than i’d anticipated, but it’s ok…it looks a lot better in the arms, & i have more cheetah print showing! also i don’t have to hunch up my shoulders at all anymore. i used to do that so my arms wouldn’t stick so far out at the bottom. i think i’ll make a hall rug or something with the rest of the old ebay coat fabric…i can’t resell that.

coat before

coat after


i also got my pink floyd poster & dark side of the moon t-shirt last week. they kick so much ass. i got my poster put on that poster board stuff so it wont get ripped & creased & shit.

pink floyd poster

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