January 9, 2004 0

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so as you’ve probably noticed, i changed up the site a bit. i told you i would! i don’t put as much effort into it, so i wanted something a bit simpler & easier to change, in case i add more things or get rid of some old things. i’m going to work on the pictures pages some more & i added a new section called volunteer. i think it’s going to be a volunteer resource list, as well as my list of places i’ve volunteered, since i love volunteering so much.

right, so anyway, i was originally going to write about how yesterday some lady from aflac grabbed my résumé off monster.com & wanted to set up an interview with me ($20 says this is some sort of telemarketing deal), but that would overshadow my TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME NEWS OF TODAY!

i have a phone interview for a job i actually really want with the illinois arts alliance foundation! in chicago! totally arts & culture! it’s only for administrative assistant, but the job duties look like, *gasp* fun (for a job) & the opportunities i’d open up for myself would just be more perfect than perfect! so the question is…do i feel lucky? i’m almost tempted to give miss cleo a ring…

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