January 9, 2004 0

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i kick so much ass. nevermind why, i just do. too bad i can’t take this drive & funnel it into something useful like getting my dream job.

yeah, so anyway, even though it’s already a week into 2004, i want to recap 2003 & set out my goals for 2004, for my own records. last year i didn’t really have a specific resolution…more like general goals to accomplish. they were pretty much along the lines of wanting to be more comfortable being me, not letting fear stop me from living life to the fullest, not letting stupid shithead guys fuck with me…just becoming an overall better person blah blah blah.

so lets see what i accomplished in 2003, after a less than lovely start:

  • quit smoking

  • graduated college

  • did a huge thing going to australia & meeting my best online bud

  • got over my “mr. big” (if this makes no sense to you, shame on you! go watch some sex & the city)

  • found my career calling in non-profit

  • started volunteering

  • got the new furry love of my life, miss bunny

& overall i feel more confident & happy with what i have, instead of what i don’t have. & these are just the big things, i haven’t even covered everything! so i have to say, it was a good year. didn’t seem like all that much happened, but laying it out, i think i did ok for myself. of course, i still find myself holding back, & i’m not as assertive as i’d like to be, but i’m a work in progress. these are things i will continue to strive for in 2004 & beyond. now my motto for 2004 is CHICAGO OR BUST!*

* or any job/city combination that doesn’t suck too hard.

& now, after that inspiring post, my greedy ungrateful side really needs to get something out. when i go to new york to visit the relatives every christmas, they always throw a little birthday party for me the last night i’m there. i get a cake & sometimes presents. well, this year there was nothing. you know, kinda sucked, but no big deal. but if that wasn’t bad enough, i never got a christmas or birthday card from my grandmother this year. of course, the reason that sucks is because those cards come with checks. i forget how much i get, but i get at least $40 with the combo of the 2. so that’s $40 i didn’t get this year. i also didn’t get acknowledgement! my grandmother has a ton of grandkids, so i know it’s hard to keep track, but it still blows to feel forgotten. i could tell her, but it’s probably better off that she doesn’t know. & i wont tell you guys about her upcoming surgery, cuz that would make me a shitty person for complaining about not getting money. & i’m not a shitty person.

but i feel better now. thanks for listening.

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