December 31, 2003 0

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is spike not a stud in his adorable little sweater? i seriously cannot get over how cute he looks! poor bunny’s sweater was too small, so i have to get a bigger size. i really like her sweater, so i hope they have it in a small.

yeah, so instead of going on & on about the boring gifts i got, i’ll just mention the interesting one. my parents sometimes get me weird shit, & this year was no different. not weird so much, but interesting. this year i got a star in the constellation capricorn named after me. you can check it out here. it makes me wonder about cool star, though. is cool star in a constellation? does cool star have a name? right. so that’s the big one. i also got bitchy bear. you squeeze it’s stomach & it says something vulgar. “cunt” & “fuck” are some of the choice words of this cuddly teddy bear. i will squeeze it now & let you know what it says. of course it would have to say something lame (“eat me”), so lets try again…”hey, get your head out of my ass!” yeah. rock.

it’s practically new year’s eve & my birthday! i still don’t know what i’m doing yet. at least i’ve narrowed down the city & people i’ll be with, so that’s better than nothing. i guess planning’s gone out the window, & i’ll just get all dolled up & go where the wind takes me. & i have to thank keith who surprised me with some birthday wishlist gifts already. thank you! gifts are always appreciated. 2 gifts following 2 rejection letters…that works for me! anyway, 23 will be my year, dammit. i can feel it’s gonna be a good one.

& we need one more picture of spike’s cute ass.


& here i am with this bear at the steak & seafood place we went to last night in vermont before we saw the third lord of the rings. i enjoyed the movie, even though i didn’t really know what was going on as i barely paid attention to the second movie & i can’t remember the first one since i watched it a year ago. & you’re out of your mind if you think i’ve read that stuff. but yeah, that’s me looking particularly good & my cousin who topsy tailed my hair all weekend.


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