December 24, 2003 0

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hmm, nothing new to report on the home front. the rejection letters are pouring in! i don’t really care so much about that, but i am a bit bummed that the id office probably wont need me when this other part time guy leaves. i was hoping i could fill in his shoes & work part time to make a few bucks here & there, since i really need some income. thing is, now i’m gonna have to look for some crappy local job on top of trying to find a real career job. now tell me that doesn’t suck. & i’m not leaving much open. will not do fast food. wont go back to telemarketing. never waitressed, but i don’t know if that’s something i want to do. wont do clothing retail cuz i don’t want to have to buy clothes. & most minimum wage, not much skill required jobs would make me hate going to work. & i don’t want that. so i think i might stick with the temp service idea. i can at least talk to them. so yeah, this sucks.

[update: wow, i am somewhat seriously considering applying to drive the bus that loops around campus. oh dear lord…more on this, maybe]

& continuing with mail, i finally got that stupid ebay coat. christ, i could have driven over to these people’s place 2 weeks ago & gotten it…then i could have my coat ready for my birthday but no. they had to be difficult. so now i can’t bring it in for alterations until january 5th.

blogger is so screwy, you know that? i have my settings set to show only 3 days on the main page, but it shows 4. but if i set it to 2, it will only show 2. weird, huh? (of course now they fix it, after i make a comment about it) oh, & i plan on condensing my content sometime soon. get rid of the junk & things i don’t really need. so if there’s any sections on here you would kill me if i got rid of, let me know. not like i’ll do what you guys say, but i’ll take it into consideration. oh, & the guestbook is now working, so you can write in that if you want…

& what are people’s plans for new years? it’s a stressful time for me, since january 1 is my birthday, so i feel like i need something really kickass to do. like i have to do something twice as good as everyone else since i’m throwing in a birthday celebration, too. but there’s not a whole lot going on in state college. i think that’s where i’ll be this year. i coulda gone up to nyc like last year, but i dunno, last year was kinda ehh & i don’t feel like dropping $150 again for just a so-so time. but the good thing is, i’ll get to see all the first night things this year. i’ve never bothered to do that, but now that i’m into this sorta shit it’ll be fun. to my friends who might be looking for something to do & are either in state college or will come up, let me know, it’ll be fun! the more the merrier. all in all though, i’ll be hanging out with my new friend katie who kicks ass. we get along real well, so i’m excited i have someone cool to hang out with. someday, though, i’m gonna go back to australia for my birthday i hope. it’ll be nice & hot…just how i like it. & they ring in their new year a day before the rest of us. so i’ll really get to live up my birthday one year.

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