December 21, 2003 0

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pet sweater this christmas i intend to humiliate my cats for my own twisted amusement. i am going to get them pet sweaters!! & come christmas morning i will put bows on their heads & take pictures of them with their shirts & bows on & post them up on the internet! i’m excited for christmas this year solely for the cats. this will be their first christmas (& our first christmas with kittens) & they will go apeshit over all the boxes & papers & ribbons. they are incredibly hyper & love jumping in boxes. i can’t wait! & they’re gonna get their own stocking filled with toys & treats & shit. these cats are spoiled to the bone. but god dammit, they will look so cute in their outfits!

of course, i’m just doing this because i think it’ll be funny. apparently, there are people who are serious about this, & who probably dress their animals up regularly. this hot pink sweater deal costs $70. shit, i wouldn’t even spend $70 on a sweater for myself! & it has to be dry cleaned only. you people realize you’re putting this on an animal. wow… there’s some pretty queer looking sweaters, too. it’s one thing if you’re a human wearing a god awful sweater…it’s your own fault for having really shitty taste. but these poor animals can’t choose. of course, i should watch what i say, because i haven’t bought my outfits yet. they could be hideous, bordering on animal abuse type outfits. hmm… :/

today i went ice skating & boy, i kicked ass. i used to take lessons & i was pretty good then…but i haven’t lost it, & i haven’t been on the ice in…10 years maybe? maybe less, but the point is i can’t remember & it was awhile ago. surprisingly, i’m graceful, & i really wish i’d stuck with the ballet & ice skating. i was good. but yeah, i think i should go ice skating more…i felt totally comfortable & confident out there today. it was almost exhilarating.

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