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alright, so here’s another story. so one sunday a couple of weeks ago, some indian chick calls me up & says i have an outstanding balance of almost $40 for this electric bill & tells me i need to pay over the phone with a credit card or check. now, i may lack common sense sometimes, but i’m thinking this is some boiler room type deal & i’m like, fuck no i’m not giving out my credit card information over the phone…mail me this bill & i’ll pay it. i give her my address but i’m not thinking this is legit. but i called allegheny power the next day just to double check if i did have this outstanding balance that i didn’t know about. they confirm that i do in fact owe this money, but that i have been turned over to a collection agency. oh, that looks swell on a credit check. i pay my bills, i have no loans, i am not in debt, i only have 1 credit card that i don’t even use. fuck. so i’m waiting for this bill to come so i can fix up this nasty credit blemish & it doesn’t come because i’m sure the lady didn’t speak english & probably got my address wrong. so i call the collection agency, (i’m probably the only person calling them to pay) & they can’t find my information & tell me to call back allegheny power to get my account # from them. so i call them & the guy there is real nice, & i call back the credit bureau. i’m on hold forever & finally when someone comes on the line & i say “hi, i need my bill mailed to me so i can pay it!” i get transferred. i again state what i’m trying to do & this new guy asks for my account #. i start to give him my allegheny power account # & he’s telling me no, the # from the credit report. at this point i’m so frustrated because i have no idea what’s going on or what to do & i’m like, what the fuck…you people called me, & they are not helping at all. they got a hold of me once, so i don’t see how this is so hard. the guy seems to be annoyed with me & transfers me again to some answering machine. jesus christ. so i just decided to get a copy of my credit report just to see what one looks like, & to figure out this stupid electric bill mess. not only that, but i have to wonder if there’s other shit on there i don’t know about. so i sent that off today, & i hope i get it back soon. i’m really frustrated about this since i’m really not someone with bad credit…but my…i don’t want to say stupidity…but my lack of common sense has fucked me. this happened because i didn’t forward my mail to my new apartment. i notified all my utilities (i thought) to let them know of my new address, so i thought everything was a-ok. i figured that by filling out the change of address form, my junk mail would come to my new place, & that others sending junk would get a hold of my new address & i didn’t want that. of course, it’s only first class mail that gets redirected my mom informed me…but i didn’t know that. & i kinda feel like an idiot sometimes, cuz i do shit like that & i don’t think. but i learned from this, & i don’t think my credit is ruined. as long as it wont cause a problem with my getting an apartment, i wont sweat it, since i’m not applying for any credit cards or loans, but it’s just shitty. so that’s my story. lets hope this is resolved smoothly.

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