December 16, 2003 0

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OH…MY…GOD…i am utterly humiliated. so i’m coming out of a bar mildly buzzed, but by no means drunk…& i cross the street at a busy intersection. i slip on some ice & i’m fighting for dear life not to go down on my ass or smack my chin on the street. so my arms are flailing, my feet are like slipping out from under me. my hands go down like i’m worshipping some sadistic god & i get back up still sliding with my arms like doing crazy pinwheel shit. & my chapstick’s fallen out of my purse so i dash back to get it & i’m like slipping & sliding & i have to get my footing. IT WAS MORTIFYING. all those cars sitting at the light probably laughing their asses off at this poor drunk girl all over the place. & i wish to god i had been drunk so it wouldn’t have been so god damn embarrassing. & then this car goes by & honks at me & yells “watch yourself hun.” jesus christ, that sucked so bad. my heart is still racing. i wouldn’t have minded actually watching that…cuz on the drive home i was thinking about it & laughing. i couldn’t help myself. but jesus. i fucking hate ice & i hate winter & fuck everyone who saw me, i hope they get a nasty case of crotch rot. i would soooo much rather have had physical scars by falling in an alley or something where no one saw me than have these emotional scars. god dammit.

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