December 16, 2003 0

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i tired to win the who cd’s by listening to the bus & being caller #9. i never made it past caller #6. i was sad, cuz i really wanted to win. i think i need to get back into the radio contest thing. that was fun. & so was calling up the dj’s & flirting with them when i was like, 13. maybe i should get back into that. or at least lie & say i’m 13. haha.

friday i stayed after “work” for the historical society’s historic preservation awards, & yours truly got a volunteer of the year award. not too shabby for someone who’s only been there since september. booyah.

in other news, monday & tuesday have replaced friday & saturday. the past 2 weeks i haven’t gone out friday & saturday night, but have decided that monday & tuesday nights have made fine alternatives. it doesn’t really matter what day of the week it is when you don’t go to school or work. i might have to break the rule & resume my regular friday & saturday schedule this weekend, since it’s the last weekend before this place becomes a ghost town. no lie, 6 pm & downtown shuts down. there’s like oh, 10 people left in this place over christmas break.

so i went to grove city on saturday, this massive outlet shopping plaza near ohio, & i complimented a mannequin’s ass. it had a hot ass.

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