December 10, 2003 0

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god i hate snow. especially when it snows on the weekend. when i lived downtown, snow was cool. i could wander around town in a drunken winter wonderland. now, since i live at home, driving in shitty weather after being out is a death wish. i’m just asking for it. so i had to spend my weekend at home, like el supremo loser. i did go to this choral society medieval themed fundraiser dinner with my mom since my dad got sick friday night, though, and i almost died driving home. it was queer, but i like queer shit like that, thus, i had fun. & the people at my table started arguing about jews or something like that. it was cool. i also had my stocking stuffer craft & antique sale at the centre furnace mansion this weekend. it was cool, but seriously, boring as all hell. but i love what i do…you take the good with the bad. & some good today was decorating our tree for the festival of trees. it’s like this big event where a bunch of community businesses & organizations get trees to decorate & i believe someone wins something or something. but you know, you just go out & look at the trees & go oooh & ahhh. so since my org had a tree, we got the free sneak preview when we went to decorate. it’s only a dollar, but still. i got to see it for free. volunteering is so the in way to see things for free. i’m in.

ok, enough with the daily drivel, what i’m here for really is for some advice! so, i want to make some alterations to the coolest coat on the planet. like, after my alterations are done it will seriously be the coolest coat on the planet. see, i need some fabric, but the shit i’m looking for is 30+ years old. so i’m gonna have to find a vintage coat & tear it apart for the fabric. so, there’s a coat at the vintage store that will work…only it’s $64. i’ve been searching online & i found the jackpot on ebay. i’m pretty sure what i found is what i’m looking for, but i want to be sure before i buy it. i was gonna ask for a close up photo of the fabric to see if it was the same when i noticed the seller lives in my city! i asked if i could actually see the coat in person before i bid on it to see if it’s what i’m looking for. & not only that, i wont have to pay postage, so it’ll only be $30 total! i’m seriously so excited. but the auction ends in less than a day & i haven’t heard back from them. no one’s bid yet, so i’m thinking this is gonna be so awesome for me. now, the question is, if i don’t hear back from them by the time i roll out of bed tomorrow afternoon, should i show up at their place demanding to see the coat? like would that be totally uncalled for for some random chick to knock on the door to say “hi, you don’t know me, but i saw your auction on ebay & i thought i’d drop on over to check it out!” i would think that might be creepy, but then again, what do i have to lose? i’m just hoping they get this damn email & get back to me. so that is my dilemma. i’m harmless & cute. they have to be college students, & like, if i explained the situation, it should be ok, right? i think i pretty much know what you guys will say, but leave comments anyway. i need to feel that my weird pseudostalking is justified.

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