December 3, 2003 0

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sometimes i think i should be a private investigator. i found tons of info on my hunky circuit city helper, one of which is that he has a girlfriend. boy, am i glad i didn’t hit on him, i would have been mortified & probably would never ever again try to pick up. but yeah, oh well, i don’t need any more things keeping me from moving outta here anyway. yeah, so after some intense sleuthing i thought i’d look up info on a few other people. in google i typed in the name of a boy i used to see & i found the funniest thing. a guy with the same name, same age was quoted saying his parents would kill him if they knew he hung out in a gay bar, in an article about the shame & embarrassment of being gay in another country. i giggled out loud (gol?) for a couple of minutes straight.

god knows i’ve probably bitched about this before, but it seems to happen to me a lot & i need to vent. i just want to yell & scream & hit the assholes that bring half a cart full of groceries to the 15 items or less express line. i mean, i’m talking about a kid with down syndrome being able to tell that there is a hell of a lot more than 15 god damn items in the cart. sometimes i think i should just get menial, shitty minimum wage jobs until i find my “degree worthy” career, solely so that i can say whatever i want to the customers & not care about getting fired. like i could be a cashier at the grocery store & tell these jackasses that i wont ring up their groceries because they are inconsiderate scamming shitheads. & i’d get fired & i totally wouldn’t care. then i could just get another job where i can let the rude & disrespectful costumers know they can stick it where the sun don’t shine. god would that not be great? when you have a job you actually care about, you have to put up with bullshit customers. but if you didn’t really care, god…how good would it feel to go off. i can totally do this, too. surprisingly i’ve been doing a kickass job on my job search…i just sent out 2 more résumés today. but with my experience & the job market situation.. yadda yadda yadda.. i’m not gonna get anything good any time soon. so while i wait for the day someone decent actually wants to hire me, i might as well have my kicks. i mean, shit…i’m volunteering right now! not even getting paid. now the real question is, could i stomach working fast food for a few weeks for the sole satisfaction of pay back?

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