December 2, 2003 0

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i am sad. i went to circuit city with my mom & the boy helping us out was hot. i liked him. he was hot in an “i could probably get a date if he doesn’t have a girlfriend” way. but you know the drill…i was with my mom, looked like shit, was wearing a sweatshirt, etc. i’m sure the bright fluoro lights weren’t helping my skin look like creamy silk. my lips were really chapped which bothered the crap out of me. maybe i could have given a seductive smile had my lips been soft & shimmering. but who am i kidding – i’ve never picked up a guy. that shyness deal or whatever kicks in at the crucial moment. & i’m sure circuit city frowns upon it’s employees trying to pick up customers, so we were never meant to be. unless i decided to get all dolled up & liquored up (liquid confidence is key!) & head on back to circuit city tomorrow & say “hey, i’m feeling the electricity between us…oh yes, it’s us, not all the electronic equipment around us. plug it in my socket baby, oh yes!!” now, get me acid & i might actually say that for real. ok, so the more likely situation would be that i get all dolled up & drag my mom back out there. then we walk by him so he sees us & then i head to the dvd section. & i’d make my mom go up to him & be all like “see my daughter over there? she likes you. do you like her? she wants to know if you want to go on a date with her.” & then my mom would have to report back to me. & then if all was good, i would make her give him my phone #. ok, so some us haven’t mentally graduated from junior high yet when it comes to going steady. shut up.

& of course livian’s new layout…& rachel’s site…she’s so demanding of me. which then reminds me…are there any sugar daddies out there looking for a job? all i require of my sugar daddy is that you send me to australia a lot, & that i don’t have to have sex with you. this is a full-time position! apply now.

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