November 26, 2003 0

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fuck beer pong. not only did i lose this weekend, but i got sick. i’m surprised that after years & years of playing beer pong, i only now realize how truly germ infested the whole thing really is. you have 10 cups that aren’t washed from beer pong game to beer pong game. so every single person who plays put their mouths on & probably backwashes into the cups you will eventually fill with beer to drink yourself. & then there’s the ball, oh yes, there’s the dirty little ball. of course there’s a cup of water for you to dip your ping pong ball in when it bounces off the table, but when you play in a really dirty place & you watch the ball roll into a puddle of black liquid, you realize this cup of water ain’t disinfecting that baby. god knows how many diseases are on the floor of nasty frat houses, that are getting on balls that are going into your cups that have been drunk out of by dozens of dirty people before you. ugh. & that’s why i’m sick. i’m kinda repulsed as i’ve spent many a time thinking about this. a germophobe i’m not, apparently. & my problem now is, how can i ever play beer pong again, having realized how truly dirty it is? i love beer pong! this would also apply to flip cup, & almost any other party drinking game. i guess when you aren’t sober, you aren’t thinking about sanitary conditions. poo.

well, i have 24 hours to get back up to 100% for turkey fisting day.

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