November 22, 2003 0

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when i turned 21 my friend raj came here to take me out. today was raj’s going away party. he’s gonna go to india, good for him. we didn’t hang out all that often, but he’s a good guy & i’ll miss him. so here’s to you, raj. & for you internet folk, my story of the night is that i got stuck talking to a close talker for about 30 minutes, when all i wanted was a cigarette. i was backed into a corner & it wasn’t cool. later in the night he tried to get me to dance to crazy indian music. & on top of my close talker indian ordeal, i got into a discussion about michael jackson with this guy who rapes girls on campus. which reminds me, i’ve got a thing to say about that. about michael jackson, not the sexual assaults on campus. & p.s. i love storm. <3 oh, & i'm drunk. cheers! right, so my thoughts on michael jackson…well not so much about him, more about the situation. who the fuck in their right mind would let their child sleepover at michael jackson’s place? seriously. you must really hate your kid to do that. they have child protective services for parents who let their kids play with michael jackson. then again, these parents could be using their kids as a way to make millions of dollars, hoping to get an out of court settlement like with the last molestation charges. so in either scenario, whether they’re just that stupid to let their kid play with michael jackson under no impression that there might be something wrong with that, or they’re just that money-grubbing that they’ve come up with this scheme to accuse him of molestation when he did nothing wrong, they are horrible horrible parents. that’s all i really wanted to share.

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