November 20, 2003 0

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women of walmart naked

yeah, so maybe it’s just the wal-mart that i shop at, but when i think of “women of wal-mart” i think of some heavy set, middle-aged woman with a bald spot & hairy moles. then there’s the skanky girls who come from the trailer park. but like i said, maybe it’s just me. i’d kinda like to see those pictures. it might change my views on wal-mart forever. but i tell you, when i see “women of the special olympics” advertised, you better believe i’ll be getting my membership.

ok, what i said up there might have been kinda mean. but it’s ok, i had subway today.

and some really exciting news…i’m helping out with the centre county historical society’s stocking stuffer craft & antique sale! all this event planning is like little gold mines in my eyes, come job hunting time. but not only that, i totally enjoy doing this shit. i can’t wait to help decorate the mansion, & i get to head up advertising. well, distribute fliers & shit, but whatever. so that’ll be keeping me busy. i see a couple of local ip’s in my referral stats, so for all you people visiting who might be interested in this thing, we need volunteers!! or just come to buy stuff & look around. i don’t know what to expect, but i’m hoping to get real involved, so that means it will be good. adios!

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