November 18, 2003 0

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the internet is boring me to tears. probably a good thing, it should get me motivated to do other things, but i doubt i will due to the weather. i hate cold so much. i wish we could hibernate. how great would it be to just sleep through the freezing cold shitty gray days of winter & wake up to a warm flowery spring. yeah, dream on. but in any case, while i may show complete lack of interest in “the scene” online, i have amazingly submitted 2 resum├ęs in the past week. that might not sound impressive, but it is a huge accomplishment for me. i’ve also added to my little job file. so i have gathered like 10 or so more jobs that i hope i have the motivation to apply to soon. i’m so proud of how i finally wrote my cover letter template. now i can just change the name of the organizations & jobs i apply to, so i can pump those puppies out. anyone wanna find me some job links in chicago? for reasons unbeknownst to me, i have decided that i want to live in chicago. i’ve never been there & i don’t know all that much about the place, but i’ve got it in my head that i want to go there. so i need a job, see. i’ll take anything that’s not too shitty. i wish i could say that i’m only looking for “cool” nonprofit jobs, but i’ve actually got my head on straight for once & i know the best i can do is to find something that wont make me want to take scissors to my eyes after 3 weeks. wish me luck & like, help find shit for me if you happen to be in the chicago area.

hmm, i actually had the idea that i could make a little section documenting the jobs i apply for & the status/rejection letters i get. … maybe if i gave a shit about the site & more than 100 people actually read, then i would. i should just give up on my job search & the idea of reading my teeny bopper christopher pike book for the night & just go site crazy. perhaps, perhaps. we’ll see if anything changes here in the next few days.

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