November 11, 2003 0

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penis patch

i got this in my inbox today, & this is spam i don’t mind. i am sad that i don’t have a penis, because believe me, i would get this patch. did i ever mention how i wanted to be a crazy patch person? like get the birth control patch & smoking patch & those therma heat patches & stick them all over my body…& now a patch that enlarges your penis! shit, i should just order it anyway, regardless. i definitely think someone should get it & tell me if it works.

would i be insane to want to learn how to use movable type? i just discovered that there’s popups on my site, & i believe it’s from my comments. i kinda wanted to do the movable type thing for awhile until i realized how much work it would be for all the features i wouldn’t be using. but even though zone alarm keeps the popups clear on my end, if i could have a truly popup free site, along with comments that i had 100% control over, it would totally kick ass. so i’m thinking about the movable type dealio again. but if no one will help, i’m not taking the time to do it. ya feel me?

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