November 10, 2003 0

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fun with palindromes!

go! desire vagina! man I gave. rise, dog.

so today was the harvest festival! i was hoping we’d get a better turnout & that people would buy the plants i scored at the farmer’s market, but other than that it was good. i don’t know how the square dancing, story telling & games areas were, but the crafts had a decent crowd. the weather was pretty good being that it’s november. yeah, so this is the first event i helped plan, & i’m glad it went well. a teensy bit disappointed since i had this bangin’ vision in my head, but what can you do? & i’m glad i now have experience & a little more beef to put on my résumé. since this was my project & i have a new digital camera, i feel obligated to post some pictures…

kid eating donut

little bastard is totally cheating. it’s eat a donut-on-a-string without using your hands. but he was cute.

candle making

we had candle making. nice, huh?

pumpkin painting

the pumpkin painting was a hit.

gourd painting

gourd painting, too. when we got the gourds, some rotten ones leaked on me & i stank to high hell.

my face painting skills
here i am painting swastikas on a little child.

& if anyone was curious as to how my rap career is going, i was throwing down some lyrics tonight on aim…

north atherton trailer park represent so fuck you

when you dis the p s u

thanks & good night.

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