November 7, 2003 0

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snappys let me tell you how goddamn irritated i am at the crackwhores who work at snappy’s. every day around noon i come in & get a 16 oz. cup of 1/3 french vanilla cappuccino, 2/3 gourmet coffee to start off my day. they started advertising refillable mugs for $1 + tax. now, since i spend $1.05 every day & kill the environment with my styrofoam cups, i decided i could save some money with the tacky snappy’s refillable mug. now, every single day i come in at the same time & get the same thing. the same chicks are always working. yet every fucking day they either try to charge me for a new cup or ask if it’s a refill. the first week was understandable, but there comes a point where you’re just a fucking idiot. i slowly walk through the door trying to wave my cup around for them to see without looking like too much of a retard. & you’d think you might remember some chick in a hoodie who comes in every day at the same time with the snappy’s refill mug. but oh no, this is not a refill! i come in every day & take a new cup each time due to my obsession with snappy’s refill mugs that leak all over you. my collection is at about 30 right now. right. so i finally gave in & put a sticker on it. & you know, as much as i disliked the fat creepy uni-mart guy, at least he recognized me when i came in every day & would have charged me the refill price without question. i think the absolute last straw was today. i was armed with my sticker cup & i know the chicks saw me walk in carrying the damn thing. i go over to coffee station & there are no signs or refillable mugs for sale! hallelujah, this ridiculous ordeal is over! until i go to pay for it. “is that a new one or a refill?” ARGH3@^%!^$^!$#! MOTHERCOCKSUCKING FUCKCUNTASSFUCKSHIT!!!@#!!@! i am going to hold up that snappy’s & fuck it, i’m not wearing a mask.

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