November 5, 2003 0

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ok, so no more slacking off for me! i got xp up & running & i’ve got almost everything reinstalled, so i’m good to go. it was kinda nice not being so dependent on the internet. i read a book! & i feel like i did stuff. but never fear, i’m back to spending hours upon hours staring at my computer screen. although i still have a lot going on. i’ve been helping to plan a historical harvest fest for this sunday which has been fun yet stressful. i think i need to not let it get to me…you know, being that i’m a volunteer at all. i’m loathing this whole fundraising shit. but i’ve got other things on my mind. everything’s just coming up way too fast & i’m like, whoa there, slow down! & today, boy, today was so very…odd. surreal is probably the best word.

so i start off my day totally not feeling any motivation at all. see, i’ve been trying to contact farms to donate things for our harvest fest. i can’t reach anyone, & no one will call me back. i am terrible at asking people for things, even though this is a good cause. anyway, today was a gorgeous fall day & i was finally getting into the spirit, so i decided to hit up a farm for donations. i managed to score some gords, so i’m not a complete failure, but man, i felt so uncomfortable at that farm. they were kinda weird & i’ve decided i’m not good at interacting with weird people. i pray that over the course of my career i don’t have to converse with any more people who make me uncomfortable. ha.

yeah, so we have our meeting, get lots done, & all of a sudden, bam! we hear a bad car crash & run down to check it out. i’ve never been in a car accident before, & i’ve never been real hands on in accident situation, so this was pretty intense. it was bad. it was a dui who’d run a red light & hit an old dude in a truck. the woman had her daughter in the car & apparently reeked like alcohol. there were beer cans all in the back of the car. the old dude looked pretty bad, but all in all, i think everyone will be ok. the whole thing just made me feel nauseas…almost as if it was happening to me is the best way to describe it. i can cross off emt off my list. i couldn’t imagine that being my job every single day. but it was really good to see how people help in situations like that. restores your faith in humanity i guess.

right, so on top of that i got this very very strange phone call. basically i’m either getting scammed & will probably end up dead in a gutter somewhere or stripped of my life savings, or else i’m in for an amazing experience. i don’t quite know what to think, & the skeptic in me is keeping cautious, but i think i’m gonna go with this thing. i seem to have good luck when it counts, but i will be taking bets on whether i’m getting played for a fool, heh.

so i’ve got an incredibly busy weekend ahead of me, & lots of shit to do for the festival. i really really hope everything comes together at the end. especially since i’ll have to miss our last meeting. god i’m an asshole. but yeah, lots to do, lots to do.

& here’s a picture from when i went trick-or-treating on wednesday. we got some looks, but all in all, shit…we got free candy. fuck yeah. i’ll post a picture of my “but-her face” hooters girl costume the next time i put it on. i’m dumb & didn’t get pictures, but it was such a great outfit. it was so warm out i didn’t even have to wear a coat, it was perfect! i have never been hooted & hollered at as much in my whole life. i got groped, too. woo boy.


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