October 29, 2003 0

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ok so i kinda lied about being back. the site is up & running like normal, but my computer isn’t. long story short, when i got my new computer they put tons & tons & tons of garbage on it, & i tried to clean up. maybe that’s why my computer restarted out of nowhere at least twice a day. i hated xp & i hated that they’d partitioned my hard drive & stuck this back up crap on it. so i completely reformated & installed windows 2000. that ordeal sucked. & i kinda had this problem where it looked like it was running in safe mode. no sound, 16 bit color & 640×480 screen resolution, hot damn. i just now figured out i have to install drivers because i’m so smart like that & now i’ve got my display settings all back to normal. i still don’t have audio & i have a few other yellow question marks in my device manager, which drives me insane. so as good as windows 2000 was to me in the past, & how evil xp is to me, i think i gotta reinstall xp. of course, i have no cd since hp sucks. i wonder if they’ll hook me up if i call tech support? i guess it can’t hurt. but yeah, that’s my predicament. i didn’t bother to download a thing since i could barely see what was on my screen before. & the kicker is that i could have gotten an xp cd weeks ago…but no, i had to watch the cubs lose game 7 to the marlins. had i known i would never get this cd i would have reconsidered. so that’s my mission…get xp so i can finally reinstall all my files & programs. grr…2000 never gave me this much shit when i installed it on the old computer. but on a lighter side, nay got the same computer as me, so if i like, stare at the computer real intently, i can pretend i’m nay staring at her computer & life would be all dandy. kidding. yeah, so that’s what’s going on with me.

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