October 9, 2003 0

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there’s nothing i love more than to come home after eating acid to eat corn.
i should just not update ever, unless i am on something. those make for quality posts, let me tell ya.
nothing would make me happier than to read about the ridiculous shit i did & conversations i had. seriously. we wrote shit down once & it was off the hook.

notes for this evening:

  • not good acid…you know, it’s nice to peak & totally wig out for awhile…but chocolate covered cow shit fungus is coming my way this weekend, so you better watch out for that.

  • cool star standing on its own. & a shoutout to cool star’s nephew.

  • the show pyramid really sucks, but i can sum up the golden moment of the night………………………..

    what is a tiny human being in a flannel?

    a midget lesbian

  • & who the fuck gets curious as to whether or not there are people in the phone book with the last name hitler?? answer: people on acid. this then led us to find someone in america with the last name hitler. there’s a hitler in brooklyn. in fact, we thought up the queerest names to see if there were actual real live people with these last names in the white pages. there’s a booger in brooklyn, too. god i can’t even remember all the names we came up with, but they are all in brooklyn. i never knew how diverse brooklyn is. i kinda wanna visit now.

so i guess there goes my cover…if it couldn’t be anymore obvious…i like drugs.

ahhhh, it’s good to be alive.

the end.

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