August 24, 2003 0

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ok, sorry for all the bitchfest novels. i get so worked up. i’m a hyper little one.

anyway, i have bad luck lotion, & i may have cursed myself by wearing it today. whenever i put it on, something bad happens. usually it’s having plans & then having them go to shit. but i honestly don’t think i’ve worn this stuff & had a good day. it sucks because it’s my second favorite scent of all time. after calvin klein obsession comes bath & body works moonlight path. & the fucking body cream is cursed! my day already sucks & i wouldn’t be surprised if something else rotten went down tonight. you know, had they not had a buy two get one free deal at bath & body works, i might not have ever gotten this stuff, & i could have saved myself from the bad luck to come my way. & honestly, after today i’m afraid to use it again.

miss prude internet 2002

miss prude internet 2002
vs. miss nude internet 2002

miss nude internet 2002

find out who wins this tuesday at 11 on tech tv!

& if anyone can put it on the web for me since i can’t pick up tech tv on my tv tuner, i will love you long time…

i’m gonna be in atlantic city for a few days, since i’ll be rotting in the hell that is arrival week at penn state for the next few weeks. god, i love working 8 hour days for 10 days straight! though labor day’s time & half, & 8 hours overtime will rack in the bling. bling.

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