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when did they stop making jeans out of denim?? i’ve been doing a little shopping these past few days, & i have to say i’ve been thoroughly depressed with the clothing situation. i totally scored at gia & co, but other than that, i’ve seen crap, crappier, & crappiest. i shop because i need things. i’m not one of those chicks who make shopping this big social event or who use shopping as an alternative to chocolate/sex/alcohol/whatever. i need something, & i go to get it. i’ve actually got a pretty big list for once…mainly professional work lady items. no back to school shit, it’s hello workforce! of course i can afford to take my time since i’m in no immediate rush, but man, i was looking for some simple trendy yet classy shoes & the ones i found that weren’t too ugly cost more than shoes i actually like & would wear for pleasure. so that put a frown on my face. i also have clothing emergencies…like my sneakers are on their last thread & my favorite jeans have a hole in the butt.

now i’ve always had beef with fashion…i still don’t know how you people wear these hideous clothes that are “hip” & “in.” i could go on & on about the sad state of fashion, but i’ll save that for a rainy day. so as far as shoe shopping went, i didn’t find a pair that even made me stop & look twice. i’ve hit the altoona mall, our mall, & downtown stores. pretty much how it goes is that there’s nothing left ‘cept the internet. so the shoe situation was no good, but i figured i’d at least get a pair of jeans out of my trip to the mall.

i love mudd jeans. mudd jeans were made for teen girls who have not developed those womanly curves. so even though i’m a tad older than the target market, it works out since mudd jeans should just be called “perfect for rhiannon” jeans. i’ve also had success with l.e.i. so i’m always guaranteed to get a good pair of jeans, after i wade through the god awful designs that those junior high & high school girls seem to love so much. so i know stretch jeans are in. hell, i even have a few pairs myself. but i didn’t think that i wouldn’t be able to find a single pair of jeans that weren’t stretch or made out of that cheap looking fabric that’s like supposed to look like real denim. ok i usually exaggerate, but i’m serious this time. i think i found some in the women’s department, but those are like, old lady fits. 3 stores i went to, too! i know the kids like this stuff (why?), but there has always been a regular old pair of classic mudds or l.e.i. this is bad! i’m seriously freaking out about this. i swear to god, i dare you to take the denim challenge…it wont be easy, my friends. & i tell you, i’m sure as shit not spending more than 40 maybe 50 bucks for jeans. my mudds look good, & they’re sold for around $35. what drives people to spend over $100 for jeans is beyond me. those fuckers better last me till i’m 40 for that price. the only reason i have to buy new jeans is cuz i get holes in the butt. my taste & my waist stay the same…i’d like my trusty brand to do the same. i just want a normal plain old regular pair of jeans…well, with a 21″ flare leg, but yeah.

jeans are now following the trend of coffee. do you know how hard it is to find a normal REGULAR PLAIN OLD CUP OF COFFEE? some of us are old fashioned & like simplicity. We don’t want to deal with frappuccino, light, dark, iced mocha, frayed inseam, whiskered, no waist vintage… now i have to go through the russian roulette of buying jeans online without trying them on…& that will only spell disaster due to my extremely picky nature. i really did leave the mall feeling depressed. i’m sick of never finding things i want & finding plenty of ugly things i don’t want. this is my calling to be a designer. i’d be better off making this shit myself. anyone who knows how to sew want to be my sew bitch??

please…someone help me. where can i find my perfect god damn pair of jeans at a great low price?

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