August 6, 2003 0

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my mom has some real issues with antibacterial soap. last week i found some at the bottom of the closet when i was looking for a place to stash the swiffer. excited, i put it by the sink in the kitchen, because i obsessively wash my hands. i’m not a germophobe at all…probably the opposite…but my hands just always feel dirty so i wash them. i was all excited to have hand soap in the kitchen since i always end up using dishwashing soap. so today my mom asks me if i bought the stuff. i’m all like, would i honestly spend money for bath & body works hand soap? & she’s all pissed off cuz it’s antibacterial. she throws a fit about how i’m helping to build germ resistance. i guess it makes sense in a way, but hell, i’m not the one who bought it. i believe it was her who bought it. she’s mad at me for continuing to use it & i’m just like, whatever dude, a superior race of bacteria is gonna wipe us off the planet eventually. but she’s still mad at me for making that day come sooner. so she makes me move it to the bathroom. we already have bar soap in the bathroom & i don’t want to go in there to wash my hands. haha oh boy, i just showed her the massive tub of soft soap antibacterial refill in the other closet. i took that shit from the apartment. i wont buy antibacterial soap if she doesn’t want me to, but if the shit’s free & it’s here, you better believe i’m gonna use it. ok ok i understand the point she’s trying to make…a mutated killer strain of some microscopic germ is going to kill us off no doubt…& by then we’ll be real sorry for helping to create this killer antibacterial soap resistant strain, but seriously, who gets that upset about antibacterial soap??

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