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i’d like you to meet satan’s little helpers…spike, emma, & bunny.

emma spike and bunny

i’m kitty sitting this week, & by next weekend, they might all be at the pound. they might look cute & adorable, but they are evil evil evil. they bother the shit out of you at 6 in the morning, & when you kick them out, they either go in the bathroom & chew through the strap of a tank top you really like that you bought in australia, or they vomit on the floor. all night they knock shit over & bang shit around & cause trouble. not only that, but i have to worry about bunny’s virginity. she’s still young & little, but i’m just imagining massive spike trying to hump her. i mean, she has no tail, her goods are like right there in your face. we’ll get her spayed in a few weeks, but spike’s always sniffing around her butt, & i’m nervous. the last thing i need is for my parent’s cat to rape my cat. the shame my baby girl would go through…being raped & then having an abortion. her uterus is coming out regardless, & i’d rather not have the whole rape & abortion double scandal. so i hope they can hold off on the kitty sex for another week or so.

if they piss me off, i’m skinning spike & making a coat. he’s big enough. the best thing, too, is he used to be terrified of this rainbow duster thing. you’d shake it at him & he’d run like the pussy he is. he’s finally not afraid of it anymore, even though the girls weren’t scared of it ever. this cat is big & beautiful (we’re holding off on chopping his nuts so he’ll get to be 20+ pounds) but he’s a fucking prima donna. he squeaks like a girl & is afraid of everything. he likes to be picked up & carried like a baby, too, & it’s adorable. the little bitch walks around like he’s hot shit…& he wont eat his food until you mix in the good stuff. i swear.

so yeah, i’ve finally gotten myself unpacked & settled in. i’ve been spending most of my days cleaning & doing domestic goddess things. i still have to go back to my apartment wednesday to give it the final cleanup to make sure it’s all ready. i need to get as much of my security deposit back as i can, & then make this past year a distant memory. my parents said i could get dsl here at home & what they don’t realize is that now i’m not going to leave. i want to get out of this city, but i’m in no rush to move out of my house. as odd as that sounds. but i figure i’m gonna sit on my ass & do nothing till around november. i’ll watch soaps & clean. i’m starting to get into cbs soaps on top of days. so i’ll do that for awhile, & i’m figuring november/december is when my money will really start to run out, so i’ll have to get a job then. but shit, this is my last summer break ever (unless i become a teacher) so i need to extend it as much as possible. i might look for volunteer stuff, or like, find something somewhat worthwhile to do. my game plan is to be like this.

but what really baffles me, is that now that i have no worries, no responsibilities, no plans or work, i’m more stressed out. it’s like there’s so much i want to do, but not enough time to do it. back when i was in school, i had no problem cramming my work at the last minute & spending all my free time online or watching tv. but now i feel guilty that i’ve wasted a day doing that, cuz i’m not putting off sucky school work…i actually have stuff i want to do. make sense? it’s retarded. i need more motivation. but at least i’m getting some things done. like updating this piece of shit! maybe i’ll do actual work on it, but the only time this site gets updated is when i have a test or paper due, so we’ll see.

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