July 22, 2003 0

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you wont be hearing much of me for a little while. i’m moving this week. & i will probably shit my lid. even though i am about as prepared as i could possibly get, bullshit circumstances beyond my control will make me shit my lid. why oh why haven’t i made friends with steroid muscle men who would find lifting heavy furniture fun? gah, & the moving isn’t even the half of it. cleaning an efficiency…no sweat. cleaning a two-story townhouse… mommy 🙁 i will move back home with my parents before i live with people again. well, ok, i’m moving back home temporarily anyway, but like, if i move far away & then run out of money, i will come home before i take on roommates. too much stress i didn’t need. well, wish me a smooth move.

on the bright side, i can make the most of my time thinking about all the goodies that are coming in the mail! 3 years ago i got ripped off on ebay & i refused to ever use it again. but i swear, ebay is the devil, & the devil sure knows how to tempt you. i won a pink floyd lithograph from the wall for about $35 bucks. i love how ebay works, in that you get all pumped about “winning” something, & then you realize you still have to pay for it. but the thrill of winning…man. i can see myself straying from the path of the righteous man. i really hope i don’t let this ebay thing get it’s grip in me…

right, well, back to the vh1 greatest pop icons thing for me. when i saw the previews i was like, oh fuck, they’re gonna suck me into this…every night of the week no less. i don’t know how i’m gonna watch this & move. this is horrible. although it wont be as cool as i love the 80s. if that show is on, i’m fucked. if it’s a marathon, i can say byebye to my weekend. you don’t know how excited i am about i love the 70s though!! it wont be as cool, i’m sure…especially cuz i wasn’t alive then & the people they interview will be all old & shit. but i don’t care, i will watch it & love it.

anyway, i’m out.

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