July 17, 2003 0

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here’s a funny work story:

so this kid comes in to the id office today to replace a lost card, & i remembered him, because he had come in like 2 days earlier. he was kinda weird & i was sad that i had to help him again. so this is his 8th card, & it’s $15 each card. he’s all acting real weird & is saying something about aliens abducting him & superior genetics & dna & something about rednecks. i’m sitting there thinking he’s just joking around cuz he feels like an ass for losing his card after 2 days. so i’m like, not paying attention & trying to look busy while he goes on about how ‘they’ stole his card. at this point, i’m thinking this dude might not be all with it. see, chewbacca stole his card. they keep stealing his card at night & there’s nothing he can do about it. at this point i’m just nodding & like, wtf?? even though the new card process takes less than 5 minutes, he kept going on about this shit & kept asking if he could get 2 cards for when they steal it again. i had to nicely explain that you can only have 1 card at a time & i told him to keep an eye on it & not let anyone steal it. he then goes on to say he wishes he could go back in time & stop them, & that he could do that on acid. he starts talking about acid & asks if i take acid. being at work i say no & he asks if i do any other drugs. again i say no & he then says he doesn’t want to talk to me & walks off to the pnc cubicle in the corner to put the atm pin # back on his card. at this point the other chick in the office & i were all like what…the…fuck?? & i waited for him to leave to ask the pnc guy if the kid was just as weird to him. when i get to the office, the guy is already on the phone talking to someone saying “remember the guy who keeps losing his card?” i check to see his card usage history & he’s replaced his card 5 times in the past 2 weeks. the pnc guys think he’s just as weird. man. what a day.

i thought he was just weird in a trekkie sort of way…you know what i mean. but we came to the conclusion he was tripping his face off, or just did a lot of acid. reminds me to keep in check. i hope i have never come off as creepy as that kid. if i have at any point, i would like to apologize sincerely to anyone i freaked out.

wow. fucking weird.

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