July 15, 2003 0

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my mind is literally mush right now, i’m so tired & just not with it. & that makes me wonder why i felt the need to update this bad boy. maybe because this was such an interesting weekend. interesting indeed. & fairly eventful on friday. not so hot on saturday. but i totally accomplished a lot, which makes me feel like i’m doing something with myself. i volunteered for the arts fest, & i was pretty disappointed when i didn’t get a free shirt. all i got was a nametag & a volunteer button. i got invited to some volunteer party in october, but dammit, i just wanted a free shirt! but i did get to see all the artists, which i usually don’t end up doing, & i have to say, the banana guy was by far my favorite. he is really cool. i’m debating on becoming a banana photo collector. i want a photo bad, but i can’t decide which one i like best. so i think i should collect them all & hang them all over the place. it would be wicked cool & you know it. but anyway, the whole volunteering thing really wore me out, since i would spend all my time on my feet. i had to walk everywhere, too, & my legs really hurt now. i had no time to relax this weekend at all, which is kind of good i guess, but again, i didn’t get to play online & i wasn’t 100% for the nighttime activities. & i did have to put up with like, a half hour of my dick face old roommate. he finally paid me for the bills he owed from forever & a half ago, although he shorted me 20 bucks. & he brought all these random strangers up & someone clogged the toilet. i had to eventually take care of that after water flowed out of the pot. i have clogged toilets before, but never had one actually overflow. lucky me, i got to deal with that!

i did manage to watch the dentist this weekend. it’s this movie where the guy catches his wife cheating & he goes apeshit & like, tortures his patients. i have only seen this movie like 2 or 3 times…& ironically i happen to see this movie right before i go to the dentist. i had a dentist appointment today. i didn’t even see the real dentist, but you better believe i had that movie playing through my head. no cavities, though! & the dentist lady spared me the flossing speech. just like tests, i cram my flossing. i completely butcher my gums & make them bleed in a last minute effort to look like i floss on a regular basis. they must know. but they don’t say anything, thankfully.

so anyway, the reason i’m so particularly zoned out tonight is that i’ve spent all night searching for grants online & giving myself a quick grant writing 101 lesson. see, i might be working on this documentary project…actually, at this point, i am technically working on it, even though it’s just in its baby stage. i have no idea what i’m doing, or what this docu is gonna be about, but if my ass finds funding, & i can help brainstorm a killer idea with the producer/director/writer guy, it’ll be the green light that i need, & it’ll be big. but i gotta get there first. & i could use some help from you guys…

if you could do a documentary, what would you do one on?

& do you know about anything (some sort of social issue or something just different, unique or cool) that would make for a good film?
centralia popped into my head, & the amish devil’s playground thing, but i want to hear some fresh ideas of things i don’t even know about.

i’m curious as to what all you’d find interesting, or want to see in a documentary. throw ’em out in the comments, cuz i’m serious about this project. i’ll fill you in more as things go along. but i think right now it’s time for sleep so i can tackle this whole fundraising thing again tomorrow. oh boy! begging people for money, my most favorite thing in the world! wish me luck on this!!

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