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i’m really really lazy & like to recycle old posts, instead of putting time & effort into writing something new. hell, i didn’t even bother to find the pictures that went along with this… but yeah, it’s arts fest time, so i found this to be oh so fitting. i think i wrote this 2 summers ago? i don’t even remember. but i’m sure not that many people got to read it, so it’s like new anyway, right?

so. last week kicked off the 35th annual central pennsylvania festival of the arts. besides coronary inducing road rage, it’s a fun time where everyone who ever went to penn state, is at penn state, or is going to go to penn state gathers around to look at some arts & crafts. there’s also lots of music & performances, but i’m not cultured enough to enjoy it. but enough on the actual arts fest its self, it’s time to focus on the other fun activities the arts fest brings in – rioting. 1998 started off the trend of rioting & every year i wait patiently for the next riot. the 1998 riot brought $50,000 worth of damage to this humble little town & basically freaked the hell out of the cops. while drunk psu students were going ape shit reeking havoc downtown in “beaver canyon” the cops were probably ready to piss themselves as they’ve never dealt with a riot here. so, come 1999 the police didn’t want another episode so they came a little more prepared. but it was a fake out, no riot that year. come 2000 though, we struck again. nothing near as extreme as 2 years before, but oh yeah, we rose again. this time around there were questions on excessive police force. seems people were getting beat down with billy clubs & maced. i was even stuck nursing a friend who got pepper sprayed. my healing touch consisted of ice pops in the eyes. so, it seemed there was a trend going on. could it be? every 2 years an arts fest riot?? well, it seems kiddies, that riot fever was in the air. march 2001: our humble basketball team made it to the sweet 16. it didn’t matter whether we won or lost, we were going to riot. this was actually the first riot i’d actually made it to & it was really fun. really really fun. i had a blast. so of course i was hoping for another riot this arts fest.

following the trend there would be one in 2002 not 2001 but the ncaa tournament just raped that trend in the butt. riot fever in happy valley. well, 4 years after the first riot, it’s still a hot topic here. the papers have beaten the story to death, but look for any reason to write another article. & apparently president graham spanier, the whole state of pennsylvania police force, business owners, community, & students are sick of riots. they say it gives our town a bad name. i mean, come on, we’re not l.a. but anyway, this year i was let down. there was no hope for any riots. they brought in every police they could find in a 100-mile radius. kind of an insane sight to see walking around town. my personal favorite was the cops on horses pooping on the streets. the horses were pooping, that is. so i was sad. & i can only hope one day we can riot again. here’s my idea…surprise attack. third saturday after fall semester starts. that’ll catch them off guard. hope to see you there. or if that’s a no go, always remember that during arts fest week, go nuts & rob some stores say 20 miles away from downtown state college. there wont be any cops near by. happy rioting!

well, in the spirit of volunteering read: beefing up my résumé, i’m going to help out with the arts fest this year, instead of helping out with rioting. well, i’ll do that too, if need be. i like to get involved with the community & all. but yeah, i’m gonna be a sidewalk sales ambassador. what that is, i’m not quite sure, but everyone says it’s fun. & i get to look at the booths & meet people, so hey, should be a good time, right? then i get to strip away any pride & dignity, along with sobriety, & have one insane weekend. know that your weekend will in no way compare to mine. arts fest kicks ass.

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