July 8, 2003 0

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i think some kids saw me sniff markers. this day is dragging on & on & on & on again. sniffing markers sounded like a good idea. i feel really naked today since i left the apartment forgetting to put my rings & watch on. i also had no time to do anything to my face sans moisturizer. i was late today. so i’m like half running, half walking to work, & it’s all humid & warm out. i get into work & can feel the boob sweat dripping. like my hair is all frizzy & damp, i’m sweating like a pig, & really not attractive looking. so i decide to hit on this kid. well, i just pointed out that we had the same birthday & got all excited about it. i was like, “i have the same birthday as you!!!!!!!!!!! well, i’m a lot older!” way to go, champ. i’m only 4 years older than the strapping young buck, but i probably came off as this gross grandma lady or something. god, i love my job, though. ok, not love, but it is fun. i look for ways to have fun (at least i can still play pyramids & listen to the bus while sniffing markers & jumping around). i get really excited when someone comes in & either a.) has the same birthday as me, b.) has the same name as me, c.) is wearing a pink floyd shirt or d.) is just really hot. but no one ever seems to share my same enthusiasm. i waited years for my first rhiannon spotting, & finally, on international student day last year, a british rhiannon finally came to me. & didn’t seem to care that we had the same name. & people like, give me looks of annoyance when i’m like, omg my birthday is new year’s too!! come on, that’s a cool birthday. whatever. it’s fun though cuz i can always find something to bitch about & someone to make fun of here, & you really do get to see every kind of person. there’s some mad scary people, but also really cool people. i like to just shoot the shit with people.

actually, i’ve changed my mind…a bunch of whiney little high school students keep coming in. they make me hate my job. ahahaha but apparently they’re all pissed off about how unfair the university is by making them only able to eat in the dining halls instead of all the restaurants on campus. this is my last year doing this, i should just smack the shit out of one of them sometime. what will i care, i’m not working here much longer. haha. but i digress. there’s always a good time in here. we have these cheesy posters hanging on the wall of all these students enjoying their id+ cards. you wouldn’t believe how happy these people are to be getting sodas & withdrawing money. although no where near as funny as these teppanyaki patrons:

cheesy teppanyaki

yes, we took a photo of the sign out front of the restaurant in sydney. & speaking of funny sights out front of the teppanyaki, here’s asa with this wicked azn mullet. you can’t really tell, but in the interest of safety, we had to stand back.

asa and the mullet

id office
oh oh how i digress. so we have these posters on the wall (interesting fact: everyone is wearing a plaid shirt of some sort…& we have a white kid, a black guy, an asian dude, a hispanic chick because penn state would not want to offend anyone, & everyone is using the black guy’s card in all the posters). one day, this guy comes in & wants his picture taken next to the poster of the white guy using a copy machine. turns out it is the model himself! he was graduating or something & wanted a picture of him by his poster. fuck that, i would have been like, yo, i’ll give you $20 for that poster! it’s me! wow, so that’s my story. it was cool at the time, honest.

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